Beastly Number

Numbers have neither inherent meaning nor are they the domain of any immaterial mythical creature (such as the Antichrist or the Devil). Consider these tasty morsels from Wikipedia:

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that The Beast for which 666 stands symbolizes many unified governments, harmonizing with the symbolic depiction of past governments (denoted as "kings") in the Book of Daniel as wild beasts.

Some researchers have reportedly found the number of the Beast in the Greek word Maometis.

Some Protestant Bible commentators and some Protestant Reformers have equated the "beast" of Revelation chapter 13 with the Papacy.

Some scholars contend that the number 666 is a code for the Roman Emperor Nero.

In the Old Testament, both 1 Kings 10:14 and 2 Chronicles 9:13 state that Solomon collected "six hundred threescore and six" talents of gold each year.

The number 666 probably refers to 7:06pm, though, which is the best time to eat rice pudding: right after an early supper. Its definition hinges on mainstream social awareness. Since humans gave it meaning, humans can redefine its meaning.

Henceforth, 666 means puddin’ time!