Many Christians buy into the idea of eternal suffering, which keeps adherents docile and obedient. Worse, Christianity terrorizes children with horrors that await them after death. Knowingly lying to children ranks among the most deplorable acts, fourth in line after sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

Kindergarten children should be told the truth, instead:

Table 2. Anti-Indoctrination Melody

Jesus loves me! Some say so.

Where's the proof? Well, I don't know!

Teaching children through a song,

Brainwashing sung all day long!

Christ is dated, don't you know?

My young mind's empirical.

Once was blind, but now I see:

Faith is priestly fantasy.

Toss religion, it's no good,

Let's explore your neighborhood!

Twinkling starlight, I am glad,

For the time that we have had.

Light I see from you today,

Travelled such a long, long way.

We all have one life to live,

While the Sun has heat to give.

On the Earth, from far and wide,

Evolution's on your side.

Stardust starts where life begins,

Gravity pulls it all in.

Planets form, it takes no skill.

Nature's rules are quite a thrill.

Asteroids are hard to see,

When they strike they are deadly.

We don't need to ever pray,

Wasting time is not the way.

Science works, it sets us free

To research reality.

Egotistical is the belief that the creator of the universe is vitally concerned with your sex life. Arrogant is the belief that a god created the entire universe for one religious affiliation of one species out of millions on one planet out of billions.