Creationism is the belief that an omnipotent being is responsible for setting into motion the events that directed humanity, or even life itself, to where it is today.

Creationists pretend that their beliefs are valid by wrapping them in a thin veil of pseudo-scientific nonsense and attempt to pass it off as valid scientific theory. They now call it Intelligent Design and, quite loosely, it states that complex things (such as the human eye) cannot be explained by natural selection because all the parts that make up this fully working complex thing need to be in place at the same time. Complexity and design are not the same thing. The Nike “swoosh” logo is simple and designed, while a winding river path is complex but not designed.

The only true part is that evolution does not create all the parts of complex things simultaneously and instantaneously. Evolution recycles existing parts by adapting them for new purposes. Sometimes these parts become slightly more complex in their new role.

The Designer of Intelligent Design is not necessarily a god but could be an advanced alien civilization. This then raises the infinite regression, “What designed the designer?”