The terrible lizards were animals that dominated the Earth for over 160 million years. Around 65 million years ago, they went extinct. Their extinction let mammals diversify quite quickly, leading to humans. Humans never co-existed with dinosaurs.

Also around 65 million years ago, a giant asteroid slammed into Earth. Most scientists agree that the asteroid that exterminated the dinosaurs left its mark as the Chicxulub impact crater in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Scientists have even measured the crater's gravitational data to study the angle of impact. Genius.

In the United States, the Creation Museum, which depicts a fictional, if not imaginative, telling of the Biblical account of Genesis—in all its refutable glory—cost $27 million to build. The museum displays a literal interpretation of Genesis, with humans and dinosaurs frolicking together.

That was 27 million dollars spent on the active promotion of lies. What a heart-wrenching waste of time and resources. That money should have been spent sheltering the homeless, feeding the less fortunate, advancing medicine, or any number of ways to improve our plight, not aggravate it.