Easter is yet another Christian theft of ideas from other cultures to ease indoctrinating non-Christians. The word Easter is actually linked to the Pagan goddess Eostre, and the celebration of warm sunshine and newborn babies. Originally, rabbits and hares were a symbol of fertility, due to how quickly they reproduced. Thus the Easter Bunny was conceived.

There was no resurrection. Miracles have never been proven under any scientific test, and break the laws of known physics. Apologetics argue that miracles are the work of God, but that presupposes that God exists. There is insufficient evidence that any gods exist. Miracles cannot be used as evidence because it leads to a circular argument: God creates miracles; miracles prove God exists. And blue balls are blue because they are blue.

The history of Easter eggs extends back to the ancient Egyptians and Persians, who also enjoyed coloring and then eating eggs during spring. Christians thought they would make a marvellous representation of Christ’s tomb.

Easter itself is only mentioned in the King James translation of The Holy Bible (Acts 12:4), which is a mistranslation of Passover.