The fact that discrimination based on sexual orientation is without logic will have swept the world within the next decade. Most modern government constitutions, or amendments, make equality for all citizens a fundamental law:

No law shall be decreed or enforced that inhibits the privileges or protections of any citizen.

Ignoring their own laws, many countries prohibit same-sex marriage for religious reasons. Any governments that guarantee equality while offering marriage benefits (such as reduced taxes) must make the institution of marriage available to everyone.

Organizations that receive government benefits (including tax exemptions, funding, or use of military resources) may not discriminate based on religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or any other excuse.

The reasoning here is painfully straightforward:

  1. Governments must treat all citizens equally.

  2. Governments may only support non-prejudicial organizations.

  3. Therefore, Churches must marry homosexuals or forgo government support (that is, pay taxes).