There is no such thing as a miracle in the sense of a surprising event considered the work of a divine agency (as opposed to an event explicable by natural or scientific laws).

Miracles are falsehoods, covered in a transparent layer of misconception and ignorance, recounted to glorify religious tenets. Miracles can also be pranks (such as faith healing), or tricks, to fool (or frighten) people into obedience through threat of supernatural powers. Even though our universe is filled with mysteries, we should neither accept those mysteries as miracles, nor end questioning the origins of those mysteries. Every mystery humans have ever solved has been shown to be governed by natural, scientific laws.

When we investigate the real cause to a mystery, we learn something astounding about this spectacular universe. Leaps in knowledge are not preceded with bombastic exclamations of Eureka! but with interrobanged head-scratches partnered to the immemorial acronym... WTF‽

Attributing events to divine intervention retards humanity. Duh.