Mother Teresa

In her 1979 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Agnes Bojaxhiu said:

These are things that break peace, but I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing - direct murder by the mother herself.

And also, we are doing another thing which is very beautiful - we are teaching our beggars, our leprosy patients, our slum dwellers, our people of the street, natural family planning.

The Home for Dying Destitutes in Calcutta, India does not attempt to save lives. It is a morose haven for the sick to suffer and die according to rules invented by the Catholic Church. No doctors, no nurses, and no friends are permitted entry. Only untrained nuns and those who suffer may enter.

Agnes genuinely wanted to alleviate suffering, yet at the same time believed that suffering was necessary. These are polar agendas. Agnes wanted people to live in impoverished conditions so that she could identify with them. Her ultimate goal, therefore, was not to alleviate poverty, but to encourage it. One such encouragement was to condemn condoms.

Spreading suffering is no more saintly than it is moral and ethical.

Even witches declare that harming others is a no-no.