Solar Temple

The mentally deranged Joseph Di Mambro wanted to help humanity prepare for the second coming of Jesus, the solar god-king. The cult members combined Protestant Christianity, New Age philosphy, and adapted Freemason rituals.

In October of 1994, three month old Emmanuel Dutoit was stabbed to death with a wooden stake. The murder is thought to have been ordered because Di Mambro identified the baby as the biblical Anti-Christ.

Shortly thereafter, the suicides and murders of cult members began. Between 1994 and 1997, around 74 deaths took place. Farewell letters stated that through death the victims would escape from hypocrisy and oppression. Oh, and Joseph, lunatic that he was, somehow managed to convince those whom he brainwashed that their final destination was Sirius—the night’s brightest star.

Cult and religious power must be restricted or eliminated.