The Big Bang

The Big Bang is an event of epic proportions that began the instant our Universe came into existence. Evidence supporting the Big Bang is staggeringly overwhelming. But what caused it?

A Universe without cause is an uncomfortable idea. Even if we attribute the cause to a god, we must ask: What created that god? If the god had no cause, then the uncomfortable idea (of an uncaused cause) remains. So why not save a step and remove that god?

Perhaps the Big Bang began from a quantum process. Maybe this Universe is only one of many. Or maybe the Big Bang was the inevitable consequence of the laws of physics? There are ideas that explain how the Universe began, naturally, without invoking godly intervention.

We're alive in an expanding Universe with vast numbers of stars, untold galaxies, breathtaking beauty, and unimaginable wonders. As time tallies forth, galaxies continue to speed away from each other. Eventually distant galaxies will spread out faster than the speed of light, disappearing from view forever.

All observable evidence for the Big Bang will be gone.