Abstinence means, among other things, choosing to avoid sexual intercourse. It is the assertion that the only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy is to refrain from sex. Mitigate your life's risks.

Proponents of abstinence argue abstaining from vaginal intercourse. As a result, many Catholic teens experiment with everything except vaginal intercourse: oral sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, dry humping, burtreynolds, and other sexual acts. Sexual acts can result in the transmission of diseases.

Abstinence-only education incorrectly teaches that condoms and contraceptives do not work, or increase risk. This makes it easier to justify the dangerously misguided view that abstinence is the only solution. Erroneously teaching that contraceptives and condoms are “risky” results in people not properly protecting themselves from exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

It is natural and expected that people will have sex. Without practical sex education, women are at risk of becoming pregnant and both partners risk contracting STIs. Learn about condoms  and contraceptives. Use them as instructed when having sexual intercourse or sexual relations.