Homosexuality is the emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction with a person (or people) of the same physical sex. When a woman is primarily attracted to other women, she is considered a lesbian. Most men get sexually aroused watching two women make out. When a man is attracted to other men, he is considered gay, although sometimes gay can refer to lesbians, too. In the past, the word “gay” meant happy or joyful. Straight women are equally aroused by all human sexual activity, and sometimes by watching monkey sex.

Homosexuality is as much a choice as being born with red hair is the baby's choice. Homosexuality is biological: any discrimination must be considered and denounced as bigotry and hate speech.

In Leviticus (the Old Testament), the Bible states that shrimp and homosexuality are abominations, the latter worthy of death:

The Bible can be a destructive source of morality because it is contradictory, unethical, hypocritical, and promotes ignorance.