Angels & Demons

Angels, fairies, demons, and devils all do not exist.

Malevolent supernatural beings causing catastrophe is a fail-safe the pious crutch upon to discourage investigation into anything that might reveal flaws, or inconsistencies, in dogmatic religious drama. Demons, like angels, are a lazy way to hide the truth or deter questions, which can have deadly consequences (such as human sacrifices, cannibalism, and burning faggots).

It is incredulous that in modern times people still believe in the devil. There is a web page that states:

Satan is not a mere force, a symbolic figure of evil, or the figment of [the] imagination. He is a real personage. There is no evidence whatsoever that we should understand him as some sort of illusion or symbol of evil.

The premises that lead to the conclusion that Satan exists are an embarrassment to the idea of empirical evidence, and laugh in the face of rational thought. Beyond overly active imaginations, no evidence proves the existence of demons, devils, spiritually possessed aardvarks, vampires that twinkle in daylight, or covert creatures that fart wetly in dark closets.

Encourage honesty and honor by being honest and honorable to children, instead of continuing to spread baseless lies.