The homeopathy scam is the snake oil of modern day snake oils.

Medicine works by allowing beneficial molecular compounds to interact with and change cells in your body. Homeopathy is the delusion that by mixing fewer helpful molecules into liquid, it somehow makes the remedy more effective. A recommended dilution for homeopathic “remedies” is 10-60 helpful molecules for each litre of water. Learn about Avogadro's number to discover why such a ratio means that the medicine will have no effect on anything whatsoever.

Proponents claim that even when the last helpful molecule is gone, a “memory” of the substance is retained. If true, every substance encountered by a water molecule might impart an “essence” that would have potent (and possibly dangerous) medicinal effects when ingested. Plus, it would mean that water “remembers” fish poop. Charming, but completely untrue.

In another instance of belief without empirical evidence, belief that homeopathy can cure is a deadly position to take. Just ask Gloria Thomas, Luca Monsellato, or possibly Steve Jobs. Oh wait, you can't. They're all dead.

It is incomprehensible that laws do not prevent homeopathic shams. For your own safety, don't buy it.