Child Abuse

Child abuse is the emotional, physical, or sexual mistreatment of children. This could include neglect or improper care.

Catholic priests, for example, are known to molest children, yet rather than admit to it and seek professional psychiatric care (because rape, unlike homosexuality, is morally and ethically wrong), those reprehensible priests ask the Pope to cover up their despicable, deplorable actions. For a time, the papacy instituted a policy of reporting incidents to secular authorities, however this was almost never followed in practice.

Popes have an impeccable record of not reporting child abuse, often only reporting the abuse years afterwards, and generally only if it is believed that the rapist will otherwise be exposed. This makes the Pope—and anyone else who has harbored or helped assailants escape legal prosecution—equivalent to child abuser by association. As guilty and spineless as rapists themselves.

Never trust anyone who belongs to a community that hides the truth about such foul, harmful, menacing deeds. If they can hide the truth about these heinous of crimes, how easy would it be for them to lie about other, lesser matters?