Genital Mutilation

For guys, the tip (or “head”) of the penis is the hot spot of male pleasure, with many sensitive nerve endings craving attention. Stimulate the penis, especially the head, and an orgasm results. Then sleep. Nearly all males are born with the head of their penis surrounded by protective flesh called the foreskin. When aroused, the foreskin pulls back, exposing the tip of the penis.

For gals, the clitoris (or “clit”) is the hot spot of female pleasure, with many, many sensitive nerve endings desiring attention. Stimulate the clitoris and an orgasm often results. Then cuddling. The end of the clitoris is usually tiny (cribbage peg-sized), which can make it difficult to find at first. Nearly all females are born with the clitoris covered by the clitoral hood (for protection). Arousal tends to poke the clitoris a little bit beyond its hood.

Orgasms are amazing because humans evolved that way. If sex was extremely painful or damaging, we wouldn’t do it as often. Less sex means fewer pregnancies, which leads to extinction.

Some religions require slicing off the foreskin at birth; other religions require cutting off the clitoris at birth. Removing the clitoris makes it practically impossible for a woman to experience sexual pleasure through orgasms. Removing the foreskin makes the head of the penis less sensitive. Both of these actions are forms of genital mutilation.