Book of Shadows

Around 1950, the first Book of Shadows was written by a Wiccan. The book contains religious text and magic ritual instructions. Traditionally, each group of witches has their own Book of Shadows. Of pinnacle importance is the Wiccan Rede (advice for witchcraft), which states:

An it harm none, do what ye will.

Translated into Swedish Chef-speak:

Du vhetefer yuoo vunt, es lung es yuoo coose-a nu herm.

Translated into concise English:

Harm nothing; enjoy life.

Wicca is harmless fantasy when not taken seriously. Yet, like other cults and religions, the potential for bad consequences abounds. Wiccans believe magic can affect quantum probabilities and other nonsense. When job hunting, someone could conjure an intricate spell to improve the likelihood of finding work. Time spent casting the spell would be better spent looking elsewhere for jobs because incantations will have no effect.

A woman might try to decrease her chances of getting pregnant through special enchantments. The results could be a trip to the abortion clinic or 18 years of doting on an unplanned child.

Magic has no effect on reality, no matter how fun it is to believe.