The Qur’an

This book, the primary religious literature of Islam, is blindly believed by Muslims to be the incontrovertible word of Allāh.

The Qur’ān does not explicitly condemn slavery nor does it offer helpful suggestions of abolish it. Moreover, the book declares that sexual relations are permitted between masters and their slaves. Defenders of this trite will note that the contemptible behavior was widely acceptable practise among early Muslims. The Qur’ān also gives permission for men to keep female concubine-slaves.

That millions of people could not see a grave injustice does not mean god-written rights of slavery were ever a correct moral choice. Religious myopia is the gateway to immoral actions.

Here are glaring problems:

  1. Islamic faith is so socially entrenched that believers are uncomfortable even addressing the aberration of slavery. If slavery is wrong it means that their god passed along a controvertible oopsie.

  2. Moral lessons from an omniscient being should have predicted emancipation and explicitly advocated for it.

The Qur’ān is no more the word of Allāh than this book.