The Bible

It is a curious coincidence that gods publish scripture using only the technology available to the ancients: first by word of mouth, then by the printing press. The Bible originated as follows:

  1. Ancient humans swap myths.

  2. People plagiarize ancient stories, claiming divine origins.

  3. Stories are circulated by oral tradition.

  4. Scribes write hearsay versions, from memory.

  5. Scriptures are hand-copied, errors are introduced.

  6. Some scriptures are assembled into the Torah.

  7. The first Bible is crafted from Jewish texts and new scriptures.

  8. The Bible is hand-copied from Greek, more errors introduced.

  9. Leaders add or remove texts, then destroy previous versions.

  10. New version is hand-copied, introducing more errors.

  11. Printing press prevents further copying errors.

  12. Bible is organized into chapters and verses.