Jesus Christ

The New Testament is filled with myths, legends, internal contradictions, and historical irregularities. It contains so many falsehoods that no meaningful verification about Jesus of Nazareth (including his existence) can be extracted from the texts. Nearly all biblical scholars agree he existed. Yet the idea that Jesus never existed has been long ignored by such scholars due to conflicting theological interests and lack of incentive.

The only known accounts of Jesus' birth are in the Bible gospels of Matthew and Luke. The texts disagree with the actual date.

The gospels were written around 70 CE. Before 70 CE, no Jesus of Nazareth was mentioned in the works of contemporary historians and writers. Also, the first copies of the gospel of Mark didn't include the resurrection: it was added much later.

If Jesus existed, scriptures show that he was much like Mohandas Gandhi, preaching non-violent civil disobedience and love.

Effectively, Jesus is described as a revolutionist.