Virgin Mary

Here is what one book has to say about Maryām:

While we’ll never be perfect like Mary, our pursuit of Christ should lead us to saintliness like hers: rooted in humility, trust, service and love.

There is no such thing as a perfect human. The idea of perfection is like the notion of beauty. Everyone has opinions about what is beautiful. A perfect human would live for ten thousand years without serious ailment or injury, ace every school test ever given, be physically symmetrical from head to toe, and have six fully functional fingers on both hands and six fully functional toes on both feet. The concept of perfection is itself flawed.

Beyond biblical accounts, and a few other early Christian sources, there is no independently verifiable information about any aspect of her life.

The story of Mary’s perfection (her humility, trust, service, and love) is vulgar. Mary was impregnated, possibly against her will, and was praised because she accepted and endured her fate with humility. Hearken, ye women: accept being raped for it is the will of God.