Marijuana is also called cannabis, 420, grass, hash, herb, weed, wacky tabacky, pot, dank, dope, doobie, killer, El diablo, Mary Jane, rainy day women, swag, buds, trees, and tweeds.

It is a psychoactive drug and used for medicinal purposes. It is great for pain relief, and counters the nauseating effects of chemotherapy. The Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that occasional and low cumulative marijuana use is not associated with negative effects on lung capacity.

To be clear: it is stupid to ingest any form of marijuana (or alcohol) before or while operating heavy machinery.

To be even more clear: smoking anything, be it marijuana or cigarettes, can lead to cancer (such as testicular cancer).

Be wary! Consuming 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes could result in an overdose. (Normally, marijuana cannot kill you.)

Many drugs are highly addictive and will cut your life short. If you want to experiment with hard drugs (which is insanely stupid because they probably have detrimental long-term effects on the only thing that prevents stupidity: your brain), only do so with someone trustworthy and experienced.